MCW 3 – Wrestling

Card 3 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

Austin Idol beat Ric McCord with the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK. Austin struggles in his debut but picks up the win. 1

Bill Dundee stunned Steve Regal with the SUPERSTAR BOMB. Like Austin, Dundee had a bit of trouble but is able to pin his opponent. 2

Tommy Rich crushed Robert Gibson with a THESZ PRESS. Rich in the best debut of the night, soundly thrashing Gibson! Jerry Calhoun was knocked out for a bit and Rich just continued pounding on Gibson and not letting up. After the match, Rich made it clear he was here to get to the top of Memphis Wrestling. 3

Lance Russel invites Exotic Adrian Street out for an interview and moments into it, he’s interrupted by newcomer Dutch Mantell! Dutch doesn’t approve of Street’s wrestling style and challenges him to a Hair vs. Hair match! Street agrees! That’ll happen next card!

Handsome Jimmy Valiant and Ricky Morton beat Jackie Fargo and Dr. Bill Irwin when Valiant covers Fargo after the SUPER ELBOW. Irwin and Fargo were in control until the action spilled outside the ring. Valiant, to the delight of the crowd, finished Fargo off with a Super Elbow out of nowhere! 2