MCW 4 – Wrestling

Card 4 from the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee.

TOMMY RICH defeated Steve Regal with a submission via the WILDFIRE SLEEPER. Super competitive match between these two. Regal, who has been winless came close to victory a few times. 3

THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS beat Tommy & Eddie Gilbert when Dennis Condrey hit Tommy Gilbert with a FACE FIRST LEG SWEEP. 2

Grudge Match
RICKY MORTON defeated Bill Irwin with a pinfall after an atomic drop.
Ricky Morton electrified the crowd with a lighting offense and amazing comebacks against Irwin. 3

Hair vs. Hair
DUTCH MANTELL defeated Exotic Adrian Street with an atomic drop.
After the match, Adrian Street is screaming as his head is shaved bald! 3

JACKIE FARGO defeated Jimmy Valiant with a pinfall after an ATOMIC DROP.
The fans were not pleased with this one and Fargo had to be escorted from the ring. 4