MCW 5 – Wrestling

Card 5 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

KOKO WARE beat Ric McCord with a jumping knee drop in a solid debut in Memphis. 2

TOMMY GILBERT used a RUNNING KNEE LIFT to beat Superstar Bill Dundee in his first solo match. 2

Lance Russell interviewed newcomer Bobby Eaton with his manager Jimmy Hart. Eaton said he was here to prove a point and would start at the top with Ricky Morton. Morton came out and accepted the challenge.

ROBERT GIBSON picked up a DQ victory over Jackie Fargo when the action spilled out of the ring and refused to stop beating on Gibson. Handsome Jimmy Valiant ran out to chase Fargo off. 3

HANDSOME JIMMY VALIANT used a running elbow smash to win against Steve Regal. 3

After the bell, Jackie Fargo rushed the ring and began brawling with Handsome Jimmy Valiant as the show went off the air.