Card 7 from the Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky.

TOMMY RICH beat Superstar Bill Dundee via DQ when Dundee rammed Rich into a table at ringside. These two continued brawling after the bell! 1

DR. BILL IRWIN surprised Koko Ware with a FLOAT KICK to pick up the victory. After the bell, Dutch Mantell ran ringside and began a beatdown on Ware with Irwin! Officials soon got them to stop. Ware challenged Mantell to a match on the next card. 1

DUTCH MANTELL beat Eddie Gilbert via DQ when Gilbert smashed Dutch into the ringpost. Taking the loss, Gilbert said that it was payback for what he’d just done to Koko Ware! 1

RICKY MORTON shocked Bobby Eaton by rolling through a crossbody block to pick up a quick win! The fans were on their feet! Jimmy Hart was furious! SQUASH

JACKIE FARGO beat Handsome Jimmy Valiant in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match, 2 falls to 1.

Order of Falls:

  • Jackie Fargo stunned Handsome Jimmy Valiant with an ATOMIC DROP.
  • Handsome Jimmy Valiant won via DQ when Jackie Fargo hit Valiant with a chair.
  • Jackie Fargo again used the ATOMIC DROP to put Handsome Jimmy Valiant away. 3