MCW 9 – Wrestling

Card 9 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

RIC MCCORD picked up his first ever victory, beating Robert Gibson with a FLYING BODY PRESS. 1

TOMMY RICH made incredibly short work out of Randy Rose with the WILDFIRE SLEEPER. SQUASH

DENNIS CONDREY beat Tommy Gilbert via countout in a hell of a match that saw both men bloodied by the end. After a ram into the turnbuckle post, Gilbert was unable to make it back into the ring for the 10 count. 4

Lance Russell Interview: Superstar Bill Dundee – As Dundee talked to Russell, Steve Regal came ringside and challenged Dundee to a match at the Coliseum. Dundee agreed!

In the Main Event, KOKO WARE and EDDIE GILBERT beat Dutch Mantell and Dr. Bill Irwin via countout when Irwin couldn’t make it into the ring after Ware gave him a piledriver on the studio floor. This was a wild brawl from the opening bell and the crowd was on their feet the whole time. 3