MCW 10 – Wrestling

Card 10 from the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee.

TOMMY RICH defeated Ricky Morton with a pinfall after hitting Morton with THESZ PRESS three times in a row! Rich was on offense the whole match but Morton kept kicking out until finally a third THESZ PRESS put him away. 3

SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE defeated Steve Regal with a pinfall after the SUPERSTAR BOMB. 1

KOKO WARE defeated Bill Irwin via DQ after Irwin smashed Ware with a chain. The two brawled after the bell. This feud is far from over. 2

EDDIE GILBERT defeated Dutch Mantell with a pinfall after HOT SHOT. Gilbert made Mantell look like an amateur here. 3

DENNIS CONDREY beat Tommy Gilbert with the FACE FIRST LEG SWEEP in a NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT MAIN EVENT. The fans not happy with Condrey’s win! 3