MCW 11 – Wrestling

Card 11 from Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky

BOBBY EATON (w/ Jimmy Hart) beat Bill Dundee via DQ after Dundee slammed Eaton on the arena floor. 1

TOMMY RICH made short work of Ricky Morton with the WILDFIRE SLEEPER. 2

DENNIS CONDREY got the win over Tommy Gilbert via DQ when Gilbert whipped Condrey into the turnbuckle post at ringside. 2.00

EDDIE GILBERT beat Dutch Mantell via DQ when Mantell smashed Gilbert with Shoo-Baby outside the ring. 2.00

DR. BILL IRWIN quickly beat Koko Ware escaping the cage after the FLOAT KICK. After the match, Bill Irwin jammed the door of the cage shut and began attacking Ware with a chain! By the time officials got the door open and got Irwin off Ware, Ware was a bloody mess. Koko Ware is injured for 4 cards. Eddie Marlin immediately suspended Dr. Bill Irwin for 6 cards. 3.00