Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

THE MOONDOGS made incredibly short work of Jim Milliman and Kenny Jay when Rex covered Jay after the MOONDOG DROP. Impressive debut by this wild new team. SQUASH

“LEAPING” LANNY POFFO picked up a quick win against Nacho Barrera with the SKY DROP. SQUASH

BRITISH BULLDOGS got a DQ victory over The Bolsheviks when Volkoff smashed Dynamite Kid with a flagpole. 1

KING HARLEY RACE leveled Johnny Rodz with a PILEDRIVER. Rodz put up a heck of a fight but Race put him away to pick up the win. 2

After the match, Gordon Solie asked Harley Race what his plans were now that Wrestlemania was behind us. Race said he was the King of Golden State Wrestling and right now there is a pretender on the throne. He challenged Randy Savage to match for the Western Championship.

THE SPOILER retained the GSW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP via DQ when King Kong Bundy smashed Spoiler with a foreign object handed to him by Bobby Heenan. After the bell, Spoiler charged Bundy and the two men brawled to the back. 4