GSW 122 – Wrestling Challenge

Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA

ADRIAN ADONIS took care of George South in quick fashion after a DDT. SQUASH

After the match, Gordon Solie asked Adonis where Jimmy Hart was. Adonis smirked and said, “He flew south for the winter like the chicken he is.”

GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE beat Nacho Barrera via countout after smashing him with a foreign object and sending him flying from the ring. Captain Lou Albano had difficulty controlling Steele after the math. SQUASH

ROWDY RODDY PIPER scored a DQ victory over Kenny Jay when Jay smashed Piper with a chair at ringside. Jay saw this match as a ‘big break’ and getting a win over Piper would launch him to stardom. Experts believe he’s just woken a sleeping giant. DUD

“HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN won a hard fought match against Cowboy Bob Orton thanks to a spinning bodyslam. At one point, Duggan had to fight off Rowdy Roddy Piper who was at ringside with Orton. The fans were pleased with this outcome. Orton was not. 4

THE DREAM TEAM steamrolled The Killer Bees when Brutus Beefcake leveled B. Brian Blair with a scoop up bodyslam. Valentine and Beefcake looked great here and gave up no offense to the Bees. After the match, Johnny Valiant predicted gold for The Dream Team before the end of the year.