CWFH – Card 8

Card 8 from The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA.

THE HOBO & MANIMAL got a countout victory over PPRay after The Hobo delivered a nasty piledriver to Ray Rosas outside the ring and he was unable to beat the ten count. After the bell, Pretty Peter Avalon and Manimal brawled until security separated them. 2

Hollywood Heritage Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
WILLIE MACK beat Johnny Yuma via DQ when Johnny Goodtime interfered and he and Yuma hit Mack with Explosive Amnesia.

After the bell, Yuma told the ringside interviewer that he didn’t care about the Hollywood Heritage Championship. RockNES Monsters was in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to become the most dominant tag team in Southern California.

LOS BANDITOS picked up a win over The Tribe when Hawaiian Lion was DQ’d for whipping Rico Dynamite with the leather strap. This was an incredibly competitive match and the fans loved it. 2

Hollywood Heritage Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
ADAM PEARCE beat Colt Cabana via DQ when Cabana shoved the ref trying to get at Stu Stone who was in Pearce’s corner.
The fans are not happy at all with this result. 2

Both tournament matches ended in DQ. David Marquez says, “The rules are strictly enforced here. But the match for the Hollywood Heritage Championship will be No DQ /No Countout. There will be a winner!”