GSW 123 – Prime Time Wrestling

Card 123 – Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA.

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan welcome us to the show and throw to a promo for tonight’s main event where Western Tag Team Champions, The Outlaws, will defend the titles agains The British Bulldogs. The Outlaws are undefeated and not worried at all about The Bulldogs.

IRON SHEIK gets his first win of the year agains Hillbilly Jim after an astonishing cross body block from the top ropes. Seems ditching Freddie Blassie as a manager has changed Sheik’s attitude in the ring. SQUASH

Back from commercial we find Monsoon and Heenan in a British Pub – The Lazy Eye – asking fans who will win the main even tonight. Most, of course, say The Bulldogs. When Heenan complains that the chips in his Fish and Chips aren’t chips but fries, he gets a pint poured over his head and we cut back to the arena.

TULLY BLANCHARD crushes Johnny Rodz with a piledriver to pick up a quick win. 1

Back in the studio, Heenan and Monsoon discuss Wrestlemania and Randy Savage’s big win. Heenan says King Harley Race is next in line for a shot. Monsoon says that’s remains to be seen.

SAM HOUSTON, making a surprise return after being let go right after Wrestlemania, uses the BULLDOG to pick up a victory against George South. The fans are happy to see the youngster back in Golden State Wrestling. SQUASH

We see a promo from Captain Lou Albano and The British Bulldog who predict The Outlaws’ title reign ends tonight.

THE KILLER BEES get a hard fought victory over The Moondogs when B. Brian Blair is able to put Moondog Spot out with a SLEEPER. This was a wild one with the Bees controlling the action but the Moondogs being too tough keep down. 1

Monsoon throws it to Gordon Solie who announces that a return match for the Golden State Wrestling Television Championship will happen on the next episode of Wrestling Superstars. The Spoiler will defend against King Kong Bundy in a Texas Death Match with Bobby Heenan barred from ringside!

MAGNIFICENT MURACO beat Leaping Lanny Poffo with the HAWAIIAN HAMMER in a super competitive match. 2

In the Main Event, THE BRITISH BULLDOGS beat The Outlaws via disqualification when Blackjack Mulligan refused to stop choking Davey Boy Smith with a bull rope at ringside. The Bulldogs had The Outlaws’ number and were close to winning several times. It was obvious that Mulligan took the disqualification to retain the titles and the fans let The Outlaws know their feelings. 4

Back in the studio, Monsoon predict the two teams will meet again. Heenan said this time The Outlaws will be ready for them.