GSW 124 – Wrestling Superstars

Card 124 – Wrestling Superstars from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA.

TED DIBIASE used the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM to put Jim Milliman away quickly. SQUASH

MR. PERFECT got a DQ victory over Johnny Rodz when Rods slammed Perfect on the studio floor against the ref’s warnings. Rodz began punching Perfect after the bell and had to be pulled off by a few wrestlers form the back. Perfect was on his feet right away and challenged Rodz to a rematch. DUD

THE BUSHWHACKERS used the BATTERING RAM to take out THE BOLSHEVIKS (Butch pinned Volkoff). 1

After the match, Luke and Butch told Gordon Solie that they’d like a crack at Golden State Wrestling latest tag team signings, The Moondogs!

SAM HOUSTON delighted fans with a victory over Nacho Barrera with the BULLDOG. Houston did have a little trouble with Barrera at the start of the match but was soon able to out wrestle him. 1

Gordon Solie welcomed the Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji to the show. Warlord said he was 99% and would get back into the ring next card. Barbarian said that The Midnight Express were so scared about injuring Warlord they fled the territory. Solie corrected them that both Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton were signed to another fed. This enraged the Powers of Pain who started advancing on Gordon Solie. The Killer Bees came to Solie’s rescue and challenged the Powers of Pain to a match next card!

The Spoiler retained the Golden State Wrestling Television Championship, pinning King Kong Bundy after a rope walk smash in a Texas Death Match that saw Bobby “The Brain” Heenan barred from ringside! The Spoiler wasted no time in picking Bundy apart and picked up the win in little time at all. 2

After the match, The Spoiler told the crowd he was ready for his next challenger and the Television Title would be around his waist for a long time.