GSW 125 – Wrestling Challenge

Card 125 – Wrestling Challenge from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA.

COWBOY BOB ORTON beat George “The Animal” Steele with a SUPERPLEX to open the show in a great back and forth match. 2

ADRIAN ADONIS crushed Jim Milliman with a DDT in under two minutes. SQUASH

THE MOONDOGS steamrolled Nacho Barrera and George South when Moondog Rex covered Nacho Barrera after a SHOULDER BREAKER. SQUASH

After the match, Gordon Solie tried to get a word with The Moondogs but they chased him off before leaving.

In a Grudge Match, BLACKJACK MULLIGAN won via DQ over Davey Boy Smith after Smith shoved the ref when the action spilled outside the ring. 1

Things devolved after the bell as Dynamite Kid and Barry Windham joined the fray and an all out brawl broke out! Several wrestlers ran out from the back to break the four men up. This feud is far from over.

Rowdy Roddy Piper welcomed Kenny Jay to PIPER’S PIT. Piper recounted their encounter from Card 122 where Piper won via DQ after Kenny Jay smashed him with a chair. Piper asked if Jay thought he was a tough guy. Jay said he was. Piper challenged him to a match made for tough guys – A Chain Match. Jay agreed and Piper told him he had no idea what he’d just agreed to.

In a fantastic Main Event, POWERS OF PAIN beat The Killer Bees when Barbarian covered B. Brian Blair after a shoulder breaker. A hard fought match here, it was not the cakewalk Powers of Pain thought it’d be as the Bees put up a hell of a fight. 3