MCW 13 – Wrestling

MCW 13 – Wrestling from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

All matches are qualifying matches for the Southern Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

TOMMY RICH got a countout victory over Steve Regal when Regal couldn’t answer the ten count. Rich had some trouble with Regal and after brawling with him outside the ring, made a mad dash back inside to beat the ten count. 1

RANDY ROSE picked up a DQ victory over Ricky Morton when Morton smashed Rose with a chair at ringside. A side of Ricky Morton we haven’t seen before and it cost him. 2

ROBERT GIBSON beat Dr. Bill Irwin via forfeit due to Irwin’s current suspension.

JACKIE FARGO made a huge comeback to beat Ric McCord with a roaring forearm. McCord brought the fight to Fargo, hitting him with several FLYING BODY PRESSES and coming close to victory several times. Fargo won the match and will qualify for the tournament but all anyone can talk about is McCord’s performance in this match. 4

Tournament Qualifiers:
Tommy Rich
Randy Rose
Robert Gibson
Jackie Fargo