MCW 14 – Wrestling

MCW 14 – Wrestling from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, Tennessee

All matches are qualifying matches for the Southern Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE over Eddie Gilbert after two SUPERSTAR BOMBS in a row. This was a great back and forth match to open the show. 3

KOKO WARE was awarded a DQ victory over Dutch Mantell when Mantell rammed Ware into a turnbuckle post despite ref warnings. Koko Ware was wrestling with a minor injury. Time will tell if he’s healed for the tournament he just qualified for. The bad blood between Mantell and Ware continues. 2

TOMMY GILBERT beat Dennis Condrey via DQ in a marathon of a match. Condrey was disqualified for refusing to bring the action back into the ring. 2

BOBBY EATON crushed Handsome Jimmy Valiant with a spinning neckbreaker. Jimmy Hart was ecstatic and proclaimed Eaton will with the Southern Heavyweight Championship! SQUASH