Card 11 from Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA

NICK MADRID used a top rope crossbody to squash newcomer James “Main Event” Morgan.  Nick wrestled a completely incredible match and ran circles around Morgan.  Stu Stone, who accompanied Morgan to ringside was frustrated to say the least. SQUASH

LOS BANDITOS beat PPRay when Rico Dynamite hit Pretty Peter Avalon with a Bath House Bomb. There was lots of brawling outside the ring in this one and PPRay used a loaded fanny pack at one point to clobber Tito Escondido but Los Banditos prevailed. 2

WILLIE MACK used the CHOCOLATE THUNDER BOMB to put away Colt Cabana in a match between two possible contenders to the Hollywood Heritage Championship.  The two shook hands before and after the match.  Cabana did not look as good here as he had in recent matches. 2

In the Main Event, THE TRIBE used RESERVATION DEVASTATION to beat Natural Selection with Hawaiian Lion covering Shaun Ricker.  The Tribe gave Percy Pringle III’s men fits in this match!  Pringle even tried to interfere at one point and Navajo Warrior clocked him for his trouble.  The Tribe has become the most dominant tag team in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for sure.  3