CWFH Card 12 from The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA.

JAMES MORGAN with Stu Stone used a Fujiwara arm bar to make The Hobo submit. Morgan looking much better here than in his debut match. Stu Stone bragged that with Morgan and Cedric the Hitman as guards, Adam Pearce would be untouchable. ★★★

NICK MADRID continued his winning way beating the larger Manimal with an implant DDT. SQUASH

ROCKNES MONSTERS got a DQ victory over PPRay when Ray Rosas smashed Johnny Goodtime with a loaded Fanny pack. There wasn’t much to this match before the finish. DUD

COLT CABANA used COLT .45 to easily put away Cedric the Hitman. After the match Cabana challenged Stu Stone, “I’ve beaten one of Pearce’s ‘guards.’ I want Morgan next so there are no excuses when I challenge Pearce for the Hollywood Heritage Championship!” ★