MCW 16

Card 16 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN.

Southern Heavyweight Championship
Memphis Double Elimination Tournament
All matches under Texas Death Match Rules

Robert Gibson used the GIBSON LEGLOCK to beat Bobby Eaton and score the first victory of the tournament. ★

Robert Gibson defeated Koko Ware with a cross body block pinfall in a quick match.  Ware is seemingly not over his injures quite yet. SQUASH

Bobby Eaton got revenge against Robert Gibson with a top rope elbow. ★★

Bobby Eaton used the ALABAMA JAM to eliminate Koko Ware from the tournament. ★★

Bobby Eaton pinned Tommy Rich after a top rope elbow to stay alive in the tournament.  Jimmy Hart got involved in every way during this match and it was really two against one.  Odds Rich couldn’t overcome. ★★★

Tommy Rich caught Robert Gibson with a surprise roll-up in the match of the night.  The fans were on their feet the whole match and these two tore the house down.  It could have gone either way at any moment.  With this loss, Gibson was eliminated from the tournament. ★★★★

Tommy Rich overcame dirty tricks and interference by Jimmy Hart and locked Bobby Eaton in the WILDFIRE SLEEPER to become the first ever Southern Heavyweight Champion. ★★★