GSW 127 – Wrestling Superstars

Card 127 from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA

Ted DiBiase used a gut wrench suplex to put away Lanny Poffo in a great opening match. Poffo had DiBiase’s number a few times but was not able to put him away. The crowd was hoping for an upset! ★★★

Sam Houston delivered the upset fans were looking for when he pinned Tully Blanchard after rolling through a cross body! Fantastic match here! Houston is showing, week after week, why Golden State Wrestling was stupid for letting him go after Wrestlemania. Bobby Heenan was furious Houston made Blanchard look like a fool. ★★★★

Hillbilly Jim scored a big victory over Adrian Adonis with a big lariat! Adonis has been floundering since Jimmy Hart left. He needs to find some direction and focus soon. ★★★

The Dream Team had some trouble with Johnny Rodz & George South but Greg Valentine was finally able to hit Rodz with a belly to back suplex to get the win. Johnny Valiant was a bit perturbed with his team’s performance. ★

Gordon Solie Interview
Guests: Western Heavyweight Champion Harley Race & Bobby Heenan

Gordon Solie asked who Race’s first opponent would be and Heenan got insulted. “Let the man have his moment, he just won the title and you’re already talking about defenses!” Solie said a fighting champion would take on all comers.

This perturbed Race who started advancing on Solie! Randy Savage ran out to save Solie and demanded his rematch! Heenan said he could have a match but it’d be non-title!

Main Event
GSW Television Championship Match
Jim Duggan uses the FLYING SPEAR to take down The Spoiler and become the new GSW Television Champion!
The match was incredible and the crowd was nuts for Duggan and his victory! ★★★