MCW 17 – Wrestling

Card 17 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN.

After Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome us to the show, Frogman LeBlanc makes his way ringside and announces that Steve Regal was so embarrassed by his loss to him that he packed his bags and has left Memphis Championship Wrestling! And now he wants a new challenge!

Austin Idol appears and accepts that challenge!

Austin Idol used the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK to make Frogman LeBlanc tap out in our opening match. The fans very happy to see Austin Idol back! ★★

Tommy Gilbert was awarded a DQ victory of Dutch Mantell when Mantell clobbered Gilbert with the handle of Shoo-Baby while the two were brawling at ringside. ★

Dennis Condrey vs. Jimmy Valiant was a wild brawl from the opening bell and it ended not too long after in a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION! Wrestlers from the back had to be called out to seperate the two men. ★

Tommy Rich came out with the Southern Heavyweight Championship to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Russell asked who his first challenger would be and Rich replied, “It doesn’t matter who it is because this belt isn’t going anywhere else but around my waist.” The fans loved this! Lance Russell then threw it to a music video of the returning Austin Idol!

In the Main Event, Ricky Morton got a DQ victory over Jackie Fargo when Fargo smashed Morton with a foreign object at ringside! After the bell, Fargo challenged Morton to a Texas Death Match at the Mid-South Coliseum! Morton agreed! ★★