PNW 3 – Portland Wrestling

Card 3 from Portland Armory, Portland, OR

Steve Regal picked up his first career win against Doug Somers with a Russian leg sweep. ★

The Grappler once again, easily puts away Magnum T.A. after a kick with a LOADED BOOT. After the match, Grappled tossed Magnum from the ring and told him to pack his bags. He then issued a challenge to whomever won the Championship finals tonight. ★★

Buddy Rose completely crushed Brickhouse Brown with an INSIDE BACKBREAKER to win their Grudge Match. After the match, Rose said he didn’t know where Grappler got off challenging the winner of tonight’s main event because that was his role. ★★

Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals
Texas Death Match
Adrian Adonis makes history, putting away Dutch Savage with a running bulldog in to become the new, and first ever, Champion! Moments into the match, he locked Savage in GOODNIGHT IRENE for several minutes and then hit the running bulldog for the three count. As the crowd cheered, Adonis said, “Leaving Golden State Wrestling was the best decision I ever made! PNW is my home!” ★★★★