MCW 20 – Wrestling

Card 20 from Tupelo Sports Arena, Tupelo, MS

Austin Idol won a $1000 Battle Royal. ★★
Order of Eliminations:
1. Tommy Gilbert eliminated Jimmy Hart who was trying to ave Bobby Eaton from elimination.
2. Tommy Gilbert eliminated Bobby Eaton moments later.
3. Tommy Gilbert eliminated Randy Rose. The fans were loving Gilbert’s run here.
4. Ric McCord shocked everyone, eliminating Dutch Mantell.
5. Ric McCord then eliminated Tommy Gilbert.
6. Austin Idol eliminated Frogman LeBlanc.
7. Austin Idol eliminated Ric McCord to win the purse!

Bill Irwin beat Koko Ware with a cross body block in a Grudge Match to continue their intense rivalry. ★★★★

In the Main Event, Ricky Morton got a DQ win over Jackie Fargo in a Grudge Match when Fargo smashed Morton with a ringside weapon! ★★★