Card 15 from Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA.

Cedric the Hitman bested Manimal in a bloody Alley Fight the brutality of which Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has never seen. Manimal was a bloody mess and was tended to by medics after the show. ★★★★

Scorpio Sky won by DQ over James Morgan after the action spilled outside the ring and Stu Stone handed Morgan a bat that he used to clobber Sky with. ★★

A match between The Tribe and Natural Selection for the Hollywood Tag Team Championship ended in a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION when all four men refused to stop brawling. Even Olivia and Percy Pringle III were fighting with each other. It was chaos. The match was called and we still have no champions. ★★★

Hollywood Heritage Championship
Willie Mack got a DQ win over Adam Pearce when Stu Stone called for Cedric the Hitman and James Morgan to Storm the ring and attack Willie Mack during a pinfall.
Mack was able to escape without injury but also without the title. The fans were not happy. ★★★★