Card 16 from the Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA.

Nick Madrid used a half Boston Crab to beat The Hobo in a fun opener between the two fan favorite. Madrid’s win streak continues. ★★

Ryan Taylor won via DQ over Cedric the Hitman when Cedric smashed Taylor with his briefcase. Ryan Taylor looked fantastic in his debut, coming close to victory several times and even fighting off Stu Stone’s interference. Cedric took the cowards way out. ★★

Grudge Match
James Morgan beats Scorpio Sky via DQ after smashing him with a chair. Things got ugly after the bell as these two brawled out into the crowd and had to be separated by security. ★★★

Steel Cage Match
Hollywood Heritage Championship
Adam Pearce retained the Hollywood Heritage Championship in a brutal Steel Cage Match against Willie Mack after hitting him with two JUMPING PILEDRIVERS in a row. ★★★