Card 6 from Portland Armory, Portland, OR!

Steve Regal used a leaping elbow drop (and some underhanded tactics) to beat Brickhouse Brown. Regal seems to be bending the rules more and more. The fans aren’t liking it. ★★

Adrian Adonis put Doug Somers out like a light with GOODNIGHT IRENE in A Non-Title Match. Don Coss asked Adonis afterwards if he’d be giving Buddy Rose another crack at the title. Adonis said he wasn’t afraid of Rose or anyone else and would gladly face Rose again. ★★

Dutch Savage got a DQ victory over Buddy Rose in a wild match that saw the action spill outside of the ring several times. After the bell, Dutch said he deserved the title shot against Adonis, not Rose! ★★

The Grappler hits Magnum T.A. with a devastating backbreaker and is able to escape the cage in our Steel Cage Match main event! Magnum was beaten and bloody afterwards. ★★★