PNW 8 – Portland Wrestling

Card 8 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR!

In the opener, Magnum T.A. used the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX to put a damper on Tom Prichard’s second match in the territory. Magnum looked good in this one. ★

Brickhouse Brown picked up a DQ win against Steve Regal who shoved the ref into the turnbuckle post while the two men were battling outside the ring. Regal’s behavior is becoming more and more rough. The fans boo him regularly. He doesn’t seem to care. ★

The Grappler used a LOADED BOOT to knock Doug Somers silly in a decent match. Best we’ve seen Somers wrestle so far but he was not able to make it past The Grapper. Again the mysterious masked man appeared in the crowd and, again, Grappler left quickly after spotting him. ★★

Buddy Rose made incredibly short work of Dutch Savage, clobbering him with an INSIDE BACKBREAKER. SQUASH

After the match, Rose told Don Coss that Adonis should give him Savage’s title shot after the “athletic prowess he just displayed.”