PNW 12 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 12 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR!

Steve Regal gets a DQ victory over Don Leo Jonathan when the giant, frustrated with Regal’s bending of the rules, picks him up and tosses him into the crowd. It appears Don Leo Jonathan doesn’t suffer fools lightly. DUD

The Grappler used a LOADED BOOT to take out Brickhouse Brown in a competitive match. The Destroyer was at ringside in Grappler’s corner. ★

In a rematch from card 12, The Destroyer made short work of Tom Prichard, making him submit with the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK. The Grappler was in The Destroyer’s corner but did not get involved. ★

Buddy Rose beat Adrian Adonis in a bloody Steel Cage Match, escaping after an INSIDE BACKBREAKER. ★★

After the match, Rose told Don Coss that after beating Adonis so soundly, he demands a title shot against Dutch Savage!