PNW 14 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 14 from Klamath County Event Center, Klamath Falls, OR.

Magnum T.A. picked up a DQ victory against Tom Prichard when the ref caught Prichard with a foreign object. Prichard resorted to underhanded tactics when he couldn’t put Magnum away. ★★

The Grappler (w/ The Destroyer) used a devastating knee lift to knock out Buddy Rose (w/ Doug Somers). This was a wild match with both Somers and The Destroyer getting involved. The four men exchanged heated words after the bell but it didn’t come to blows. ★★

The Destroyer (w/ The Grappler) used a bow and arrow to make Adrian Adonis submit in a very hard hitting match. One would think that this win would put Destroyer into title contention. ★★

Steel Cage Match
Don Leo Jonathan used the MORMON SWING against the side of the cage to absolutely dominate Steve Regal and escape. Regal was seen to by medics after the match but left under his own power. Big victory by Jonathan that delighted the crowd. ★★