MCW 23 – Memphis Wrestling

MCW Card 23 from Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY!

In his Memphis Wrestling debut, Sputnik Monroe used the NECKBREAKER to put away Ric McCord. This match was a marathon and Ric McCord was close to winning several times. Not the dominant debut Monroe was looking for, to be sure. ★★★

Superstar Bill Dundee crushed Frogman LeBlanc with the SUPERSTAR BOMB in a lightning quick match. Impressive seeing as Dundee was wrestling injured as well. SQUASH

Austin Idol used the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK to make Dutch Mantell submit in a fantastic match that had the crowd on their feet! Idol is, no doubt, in line for a title shot soon. ★★

In an incredibly bloody and violent Steel Cage Match, Koko Ware used a MISSLE DROPKICK to send Dr. Bill Irwin flying against the side of the cage and knock him out to escape. After the match, Ware returned into the cage with a chain and beat Irwin again until several wrestlers came out to stop him. Irwin was stretchered out of the ringside area, injured for 5 cards. ★★★