MCW 25 – Memphis Championship Wrestling

MCW Card 25 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN.

Sputnik Monroe used a devastating piledriver to beat Superstar Bill Dundee in dominating fashion in the opener. ★★★

Ric McCord picked up a DQ win over Randy Rose in a Grudge Match when Rose slammed McCord on the announcer table in front of Lance Russell. After the bell, the two of them brawled to the back. This feud ain’t over yet. ★★

Austin Idol beat Dutch Mantell in a bloody Dog Collar Match when he trapped Mantell in the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK and wrapped the chain around his neck. Idol is still undefeated in Memphis Championship Wrestling. ★★

In the Main Event, Bobby Eaton won the Southern Heavyweight Championship from Tommy Rich in two straight falls in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match with Texas Death Match rules. Rich put up little no no offense in this match! Many fans thought Jimmy Hart would be a factor but Hart just sat at ringside and watched Eaton dismantle Rich. The fans were not happy. ★★★

Order of Falls:

  1. Bobby Eaton defeated Tommy Rich with the ALABAMA JAM.
  2. Bobby Eaton defeated Tommy Rich with Divorce Court.