MCW 26 – Wrestling

MCW 26 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN

Dutch Mantell made incredibly short work of Frogman LeBlanc, locking him in the DOUBLE DUTCH CLUTCH. SQUASH

Handsome Jimmy Valiant got a big win over Sputnik Monroe after rolling through a cross body block. This one was hard hitting and the fans were into it. Monroe’s win streak is over and he’s not happy. These two will clash again soon. ★★★

Dennis Condrey used his FACE FIRST LEG SWEEP to beat Ricky Morton in a quick match. SQUASH

Lance Russell brought out new Southern Heavyweight Champion Bobby Eaton along with Jimmy Hart. Eaton celebrated his win over Tommy Rich on MCW 25 saying everyone doubted he could do it but he proved them wrong. Tommy Rich came out and asked for a rematch for the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Bobby Eaton said he’d give Rich one more chance but he wanted it to be decisive so it’d be in a Steel Cage. Rich agreed and the match wil happen on the next card.

Randy Rose used a piledriver on the arena floor to get a countout victory over Ric McCord in a Grudge Match. This feud continues to rage. These two hate each other. ★★