MCW 27 – Wrestling

MCW Card 27 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN.

Austin Idol used the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK to make Koko Ware submit in a quick opener.

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Sputnik Monroe beat Handsome Jimmy Valiant 2 falls to 1.

  1. Sputnik Monroe d. Handsome Jimmy Valiant NECKBREACKER
  2. DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION due to brawling.
  3. Sputnik Monroe d. Handsome Jimmy Valiant via DQ due to brawling.
    Handsome Jimmy Valiant was irate after the bell and tried to attack Monroe but Monroe scooted out of the ring and to the back. This feud is not over. ★★★★

Stretcher Match
Ric McCord used a powerbomb on the floor to put Randy Rose on the stretcher and win the match!
Rose is injured for 8 cards. ★★★

Southern Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage Match
Tommy Rich suplexed Bobby Eaton into the side of the cage and then escaped to win the Southern Heavyweight Championship
. The fans go nuts as Rich reclaims the title!
Jimmy Hart is incensed! ★★