GSW 132 – Prime Time Wrestling

GSW Card #132 – Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA

Johnny Rodz picked up a DQ victory over Iron Sheik after Sheik slamed him onto the announce table.

Gordon Solie promoted the big card coming up at the end of the month featuring a rematch for the Western Heavyweight Championship between Harley Race and Randy Savage. Stipulations to come.

Lanny Poffo came to the ring and recited the following:
The Spoiler is staring across from me,
With a sour look on his face.
But I have to admit he’s mighty,
Perhaps the toughest guy in this place.
But I’m going to fight him hard
As much as my strength and might’ll.
Maybe if Spoiler had fought Jim Duggan that way
He’d still have the TV Title.

The Spoiler attacked Poffo before Gary Michael Cappetta could finish the introductions and the two battled back and forth until the bell rang.

The Spoiler put Leaping Lanny Poffo away with the BIONIC CLAW in a quick match. Poffo had some offense at the start but once Spoiler took over, all was said and done. ★

After the break, Gordon Solie interviewed Hacksaw Jim Duggan about GSW Television Championship and Don Muraco interrupted with Mr. Fuji and challenged Duggan for the title. Duggan agrees!

Cowboy Bob Orton used the SUPERPLEX to put away George ‘The Animal’ Steele in a hard fought match! Captain Lou Albano was ejected during the match for interfering and Rowdy Roddy Piper got involved at one point as well. ★★

In an absolutely incredible Main Event match, The British Bulldogs were able to best The Powers of Pain when Dynamite Kid covered The Warlord after a DIVING HEAD BUTT. This one blew the roof off of the arena! Amazing back and forth by two incredible teams. Captain Lou Albano and Mr. Fuji both interfered at various points. The British Bulldogs should be incredibly proud of this win and The Powers of Pain should feel no shame in losing! ★★★★