MCW 28

MCW Card 28 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN. January 12, 1980

The show started with Jimmy Hart announcing he’d made a new singing in Koko Ware! He has teamed Ware up with Bobby Eaton in a team called The New Wave and he announced their first match as a team would happen right now!

The New Wave had little trouble with Keith Steinborn & Frogman LeBlanc when Ware made short work of Steinborn with a MISSILE DROPKICK. SQUASH

Tommy Gilbert caught Dutch Mantell off guard with a standing dropkick to pick up a victory.

Dennis Condrey got a countout victory over Ric McCord after piledriving him on the floor outside the ring. Connery had demanded a match with McCord after McCord had injured Randy Rose. After the match, Connery told Lance Russell, “This is just the beginning of the hell I’m going to make Ric McCord’s life.” ★

Lance Russell welcomed Handsome Jimmy Valiant to the show and Valiant ranted and raved about Sputnik Monroe! Monroe came out and the two got in each other’s faces but things didn’t come to blows. This feud isn’t over yet!

Jackie Fargo came out and said he was tired of all the magazines talking about Austin Idol and his perfect record in Memphis. He said he aimed to blemish that record and challenged Idol to a fight right then and there! Auston Idol appeared and the ref called for the bell.

Austin Idol beat Jackie Fargo via disqualification when Fargo slammed Idol on the announce table! The two continued to brawl as the show went off the air! ★