GSW 133 – Wrestling Challenge

GSW Card 133 from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA on January 20, 2022

The Powers of Pain had a ton of trouble but were finally able to get a win over The Mulkey Brothers when The Barbarian caught Randy Mulkey with a press slam. Mr. Fuji was not too pleased with the performance of his two men in this match. The debuting Mulkeys were getting cheers by the time the bell sounded. An auspicious debut. ★★

Magnificent Muraco put Nacho Barrera away with the Asiatic Spike. Mr. Fuji was much happier with how this match went. ★

After the match Magnificent Muraco told Gordon Solie, “Very soon, Hacksaw Jim Duggan will get what’s coming to him and that TV title will be mine!”

Gordon Solie welcome Tully Blanchard to the show along with his manager Bobby Heenan. Blanchard was bragging with how easily he’d beaten Sam Houston in their feud and Solie reminded him that it wasn’t TAHT easy as Houston had scored a few wins during their battle. This enraged Blanchard who grabbed Solie and was about to level him when Leaping Lanny Poffo rushed out to save the beleaguered announcer. Poffo and Blanchard brawled to the back.

In the Main Event, The Dream Team got revenge on the team of Johnny Rodz & George South when Greg Valentine locked Johnny Rodz in the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK and made him submit. Rodz and South used quick tags to keep the momentum in their favorite, but Beefcake and Valentine used some underhanded tactics to put an end to that. Lucious Johnny V berated Rodz and South as Valentine and Beefcake celebrated. ★★