PNW 17 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 17 from Portland Armory, Portland, OR. January 25, 1980

Sgt. Slaughter put Kenny Jay away in under a minute with the COBRA CLUTCH in his debut. – SQUASH – An impressive debut here for Slaughter who refuses to talk to Don Coss until Coss can give him 20 push ups!

Buddy Rose beat Don Leo Jonathan with the INSIDE BACKBREAKER (and a little help from Doug Somers) in their Grudge Match. – ★★ – Jonathan is not happy and now has vowed to beat both Rose and Somers!

As The Grappler beat Adrian Adonis with a brutal knee lift. – ★★ – As Grappler celebrated his vortory, Adonis attacked him from behind with a chair and then slapped him in GOODNIGHT IRENE. Several officials had to work to get Adonis to release the hold! Grappler was taken from the ring on a stretcher. He will miss th next two cards.

Dutch Savage retained the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship over The Destroyer in dramatic fashion with the RUNNING PILEDRIVER. – ★★★ – The Destroyer gave Savage the fight of his life, but the Champ made a huge comeback to win. After the match it looked like Savage was going to attack Destroyer but he left with the belt.