GSW 134 – Main Event Wrestling

GSW Card 134 Main Event Wrestling, The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. January 26, 1980

The Powers of Pain pulled off a quick, some would say upset, win over The British Bulldogs when The Barbarian surprised Davey Boy Smith with a sunset flip – ★ – A super quick finish to this one and Mr. Fuji celebrated a big win, demanding a shot at whichever team wins the title match tonight.

Tully Blanchard easily handled Leaping Lanny Poffo in a Grudge Match, beating him with the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX – ★★ – After the match, King Kong Bundy stormed the ring and together he and Blanchard beat Poffo until referees intervened. Poffo was taken from the ring on a stretcher, injured for 2 cards.

The Moondogs beat The Bolsheviks in a wild Grudge Match when Moondog Spot covered Nikolai Volkoff after the MOONDOG SPLASH – ★★ – Despite their wild nature, the Moondogs worked like a well oiled team in this one! Big win for Spot and Rex.

Rowdy Roddy Piper beat Mr. Perfect when Bobby Heenan threw in the towel in a Loser Throws In The Towel Match with Loser Leaves Town Match stipulations – ★★★★ – Piper dominated this one! A brutal knee lift was what finally got Heenan to throw int he towel. After the match, Perfect was irate at Heenan! Perfect is gone for 6 Months! To the crowd’s delight, Perfect decked Heenan before he left!

The Outlaws retained the Western Tag Team Championship in a decisive win over The Dream Team when Barry Windham covered Brutus Beefcake after a LARIAT – ★★★ – Great match here and The Outlaws proved why they are the champs.

King Harley Race retained the Western Heavyweight Championship against Randy Savage, beating him with a PILEDRIVER in a Main Event where no one was allowed at ringside – ★★★★ – Race puts an end to Savage’s dreams of recapturing the gold in a dominating fashion. The referee for this event was James Beard.