GSW 136 – Prime Time Wrestling

Card 136 Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. February 4, 1980

The show opened with Bobby Heenan estatic for the debut of his latest signing. Gorilla said that, indeed, Heenan has a new member of the Heenan Family that we will see but it’s also Killer Bee night where there will be a special focus on The Killer Bees. Heenan said he’s ready and pulled a flyswatter out from underneath the desk as we head to the ring.

Big John Studd, in his debut with Bobby Heenan, makes incredibly short work of George South – SQUASH

Back in the studio, Heenan was crowing and said, ‘There’s a new giant in Golden State Wrestling!’


Back from the break, we got a promo from The Killer Bees. They said they’ve been in GSW a long time and that this year they have one goal, to win the titles.

Back in the studio, Heenan is now wearing a beekeeper hat. Monsoon ridiculed him as we cut to our next match.

Sam Houston surprised Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with a BULLDOG to pick up a quick win – ★★ – After the match, Virgil attacked Houston from behind and he and DiBiase began beating the youngster until Hillbilly Jim ran to the ring and chased away DiBiase and Virgil!

Back in the studio, Gorilla Monsoon announced that Commissioner Patrick had signed a tag match between DiBiase and VIrgil and the team of Houston and Hillbilly Jim. Heenan remarked, “Sam Houston and Hillbilly Jim?! Put their brains together and you’ll get a negative IQ”


Back from the break, Gorilla talked about how he and Bobby visited a Bee Farm with The Killer Bees. Heenan begged Monsoon not to show the footage, but he rolled it. The Killer Bees talked to Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan about bees and how their hives work. The segment ended with Heenan tripping over a hive and running away as bees swarmed him.

The Dream Team with Lucious Johnny V beat The Killer Bees when Greg Valentine covered Jim Brunzell after a double back ram in the corner – ★

Back in the studio Heenan laughed, “It’s Killer Bees night and those two dummies get swatted.”


The Outlaws did a promo welcoming the challenge of The Powers of Pain in the Non-Title match Main Event tonight. Mulligan warned, “You’d better enjoy it, because this is the first and last time you’ll be in the ring with us.”

In a wild match, Randy Savage beat King Kong Bundy with a FLYING ELBOW SMASH – ★★½

Back in the studio, Heenan ranted about Savage hitting Bundy with the ring bell and chair. Monsoon countered that Heenan had interfered in the match so it was fair. Heenan replied, “But I didn’t use weapons!”

In the Main Event, a Non-Title Match, The Outlaws beat The Powers of Pain w/Mr. Fuji when Barry Windham leveled The Barbarian with a LARIAT – ★½

To wrap up, Monsoon wondered who will be able to defeat The Outlaws, perhaps The British Bulldogs? Heenan said he knoknew of a team that could do it. Monsoon asked who, Heenan kept his lips sealed as the credit rolled.