MCW 30

MCW 30 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN. February 9, 1980.

The show opened with Jimmy Hart telling Lance Russell that now that he’d teamed Koko Ware and Bobby Eaton, he needed a singles star that’ll take him all the way to the Southern Heavyweight Championship. He introduced Paul Ellering who came to the ring flexing and jawing with the crowd.

Frogman LeBlanc shocked newcomer Paul Ellering (w/ Jimmy Hart) with the Frog Gigger – ★ – The crowd lost their mind when LeBlanc got the victory! Jimmy Hart complained that the ref counted fast! Ellering looked like he had no clue what just happened!

Back from break Jimmy Hart was still ranting and raving and told Lance Russell he was demanding a rematch between Ellering and LeBlanc on the next card!

Jackie Fargo used the ATOMIC DROP to beat Tommy Gilbert – ★ – Quick victory by Fargo who after the match delivered a message to Austin Idol. “Idol, you might have gotten the better of me in our matches and you may be looking towards bigger and better things but, buddy, I got a long memory and when you least expect it. I’m going to be there.”

After the commercial, Lance Russell welcomed Austin Idol to the cheers of the crowd. Lance ran down Idol’s accomplishments so far in Memphis Championship and mentioned his 11-0 record. When asked what his plans are, Idol said, “To win the Southern Heavyweight Championship, of course!” This brought out Tommy Rich who said he welcomed the challenge and he’ll see Idol Monday at the Mid-South Coliseum!

In the Main Event, Superstar Bill Dundee made a big, come from behind victory to beat Sputnik Monroe in a hard fought match – ★★½ – The fans cheered big a Dundee snatched victory away from Monroe!