MCW 31

MCW 31 from the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. February 11, 1980

In the opening match, Dutch Mantell used an atomic drop to beat Ricky Morton atomic drop – ★★★½

Tommy & Eddie Gilbert beat The New Wave when Eddie Gilbert leveled Koko Ware with a neckbreaker clothesline – ★★★★ – Jimmy Hart was fit to be tied at the results here! He vowed that The New Age would have revenge.

Paul Ellering had some trouble but was able to use his NECKBREAKER to put away Frogman LeBlanc – ★★ – Jimmy Hart commented, “This is the victory Ellering deserved on Saturday!”

In a wild Stretcher Match, Ric McCord was able to beat Dennis Condrey after a power bomb on the concrete floor – ★★★★ – The bad blood between these two is palatable. Condrey was stretchered out and initial reports are that he will be out for 8 cards. McCord has now injured both members of the Midnight Express.

In the Main Event, for the Southern Heavyweight Championship, Austin Idol beat Tommy Rich via DQ when Rich smashed him with a PILEDRIVER – ★ – Fans turned on Rich for his actions here.