PNW 19 – Portland Wrestling

PNW 19 from Portland Armory, Portland, OR. – February 22, 1980

The show started with a huge shocker as the man known in Golden State Wrestling as Mr. Perfect made his way to the ring! He called for an opponent, any opponent and Kenny Jay answered that call!

Mr. Perfect used the HENNIG PLEX to beat Kenny Jay without too much trouble – ★ – Jay did get some offense in but Hennig was able to handle him pretty quickly.

After the bell, Don Coss asked Mr. Perfect about his appearance here tonight. He said he is a free agent now and no long Mr. Perfect. He’s wrestling under his real name, Curt Hennig, and has come to Pacific Northwest Wrestling to scope out the competition and he might stay awhile if he likes what he sees.

Sgt. Slaughter used the COBRA CLUTCH to make Doug Somers submit in a highly competitive match – ★★★★ – This was one of the best matches Somers has ever wrestled and he brought the fight to Sarge! It took everything Slaughter had to get the win.

Don Leo Jonathan came to the ring and demanded that Buddy Rose bring his ‘giant’ friend to the ring. After a few moments, Rose did appear with the large man we saw attempt to interfere on card PNW 18 – Portland Wrestling. Rose introduced him as Angelo Mosca
and Jonathan challenged him to a match then and there. Mosca agreed!

Angelo Mosca shocked the crowd by putting Don Leo Jonathan out with a SLEEPER at the end of a brutal back and forth match – ★★★★ – This was hard hitting as these two monsters threw everything at each other.

After the bell, Buddy Rose rushed the ring and both he and Mosca began a beatdown on the unconscious Jonathan! Several wrestlers ran in from the back to chase Rose and Mosca off. Jonathan was immediately tended to medics but appeared to be injured. Don Coss announced that Rose and Mosca had been immediately suspended for 5 cards.

In a Grudge Match, Magnum T.A. used the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX to beat Tom Prichard – ★★½ – Prichard was on fire at the start but Magnum was able to put him away.

In a Steel Cage Match, Adrian Adonis used GOODNIGHT IRENE to put out The Grappler and escape – ★★★ – This one was very one sided. Adonis barely broke a sweat.

In a match for the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship, Dutch Savage and The Destroyer brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – ★★ – The action spilled outside of the ring and the ref lost all control. Both Savage and Destroyer began smashing each other with anything they could find and the ref had to call it.