GSW 138 – Main Event Wrestling

GSW 138 – Main Event Wrestling from Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. February 23, 1980

The Bolsheviks shocked The Bushwhackers when Boris Zhukov hit Bushwhacker Butch with a Soviet Slam to get the win – ★ – Quick opener that didn’t impress the fans much.

Tully Blanchard used the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX to pin Lanny Poffo in a one sided Grudge Match – ★★ – After the match, Bobby Heenan said, “Poffo had better stick to poems or next time Tully would break his fingers!”

The Million Dollar Corporation beat Sam Houston & Hillbilly Jim when DiBiase put Houston out with the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – ★★ – Neither Virgil or Hillbilly Jim tagged in as Houston and DiBiase went at it. DiBiase’s experience soon took over and he was able to easily beat Houston.

Randy Savage beat King Kong Bundy with a knee drop in a hard hitting Grudge Match – ★ – This one was a brutal back and forth! Heenan even got involved a few times. The ref let a lot slide but Savage picks up a solid victory here.

The British Bulldogs won the Western Tag Team Championship by beating The Outlaws when Dynamite Kid covered Barry Windham after a DIVING HEAD BUTT – ★★ – The Bulldogs ended the title reign of The Outlaws in dramatic fashion! They cut the ring in half and used quick tags to wear down Barry Windham who they never allowed to tag out! Mulligan interfered a few times but was always run off by the Bulldogs or the ref. The Coliseum exploded when the Bulldogs got the win. Captain Lou Albano couldn’t have been happier!

After the match, things broke down between Barry Windham and Blackjack Mulligan! Windham accused him of letting him take the fall. Mulligan tried to explain but Windham left ringside without his father. Is the this the end of The Outlaws?

In the Main Event, King Harley Race retained the Western Heavyweight Championship via DQ when Iron Sheik hit him with a Persian Club at ringside – ★★★★ – Sheik had Race’s number in this match. At one point, Bobby Heenan slipped Race a weapon but Sheik intercepted it and smashed Race with it and almost won. After the bell, Race and Heenan ran from ringside with the title and the Iron Sheik ranted and raved in the middle of the ring.