CWFH 19 from Showcase Theater, Hollywood, CA. February 24, 1980. TV tapings for air in February.

Terax crushed The Hobo with a STANDING MOONSAULT in the opening match – ★½ – Dominant victory by this impressive newcomer.

In a Grudge Match stemming from the Red Carpet Rumble, Mikey O’Shea used the IRISH CAR BOMB to beat Nick Madrid in quick fashion. – SQUASH – The ringside interviewer tried to get a word with O’Shea before he left the ringside area but O’Shea ignored her request and walked out.

In a Texas Death Match, the finals of the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championship tournament, The Tribe beat Natural Selection when Hawaiian Lion covered Shaun Ricker after smashing him with Percy Pringle III’s shoe – ★★★ – Percy Pringle had slid his shoe into the ring while distracting the ref but Hawaiian Lion grabbed it first and clobbered Ricker with it. The Tribe become the inaugural holders of Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championship. The Tribe and Olivia celebrated in the ring after the match. Percy Pringle screamed, “This isn’t over! They cheated!” as he led his men from ringside.

In an incredibly one sided match, RockNES Monsters beat PPRay when Johnny Goodtime pinned Peter Avalon after two TOP ROPE KNEEDROPS – SQUASH – This one was over in seconds! Ray Rosas argued that Avalon hadn’t been ready when the bell rang. The decision stands.

Willie Mack wasted no time beating vOodOo kAos in a Grudge Match, pinning him after MDX – SQUASH – After the match Willie Mack told the ringside interviewer, “I’ll be watching the Main Event tonight very carefully.”

In the Main Event, for the Hollywood Heritage Championship, Scrap Iron Adam Pearce beat Bad Dude Tito via disqualification then the two brawled outside the ring and Bad Dude Tito leveled Pearce with a chair – ★★★ – This one was wild from the opening bell. Pearce dominated in the opening minutes but Tito fought back and then it became a brawl. The two men left the ring several times. When Tito used the chair, it was over. Stu Stone shouted that Tito had blown his shot and he wouldn’t be getting a rematch.