MCW 33

MCW 33 from the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN – March 10, 1980

Bill Dundee used a jumping knee drop to beat Ric McCord – ★½

Jackie Fargo resorted to smashing Robert Gibson with the ring bell behind the ref’s back to pick up a win in a great match – ★★★½

In a Grudge Match, with Tommy & Eddie Gilbert getting five minutes in the ring alone with Jimmy Hart if they won, The New Wave beat Tommy & Eddie Gilbert when Tommy Gilbert lost his cool and whipped Bobby Eaton into the announcer’s table and was disqualified – ★★ – This feud continues!

In the Main Event with Lights Out Rules, Austin Idol used a huge clothesline to beat Tommy Rich and win the Southern Heavyweight Championship – ★★★ – This was the match everyone had been hoping for and Austin Idol remains undefeated, his record now 13-0! The Mid-South Coliseum celebrated the new champion.