PNW 20

PNW 20 from the Portland Armory in Portland, OR.

Buddy Rose has brought in Nord the Barbarian to challenge Don Leo Jonathan!

Nord the Barbarian beats Nacho Barrera with a LEG DROP – ★ – Not the impressive debut Rose had hoped for but Nord the Barbarian sends a message to Don Leo Jonathan with this victory.

Curt Hennig uses the figure four leg lock to beat Steve Regal – ★★

Sgt. Slaughter uses the COBRA CLUTCH to beat The Grappler – ★ – Another big victory by the popular newcomer. Slaughter is now 4-0 here in PNW.

In a Coal Miner’s Glove Match, Dutch Savage beats The Destroyer after a SMASH WITH THE COAL MINER’S GLOVE to retain the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship – ★★★★½ – An incredible match! The PNW fans get a huge assist by throwing Savage the glove after it tumbles into the audience.