From San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA!

Golden State Wrestling’s First ever Pay Per View took place in the a SOLD OUT San Diego arena solidifying GSW’s status as the best name in Sports Entertainment around. This evening would feature the first ever CALIFORNIA CLASSIC, a yearly Ranking Gauntlent where wrestlers take on the wrestler ranked directly above them. If they win, they move on to the next highest ranked wrestler, climbing up to the top of the hill and the winner gets a match against the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

The evening started out with DiBiase coming down to ringside with Virgil.

DIBIASE (INDICATING HIS BELT): This. This is what it’s all about. This belt right here is what the seven other wrestler’s in tonight’s classic are gunning for. The belt that symbolizes the very BEST in sports entertainment! This belt symbolizes…ME and tonight, you’re going to see that why I am the very best champion that money can buy! Ha ha haaaaa!

The evening began with match featuring the debut of two very talented wrestlers

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan with a Superplex.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine d. The Sandman with a figure four leg-lock. After the match, as The Sandman waslimping out, he said that he had a surprise for the GSW. A surprise that was going to take things to the extreme.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine d. Nikolai Volkoff with a countout when Brutus Beefcake appeared at ringside and gave Volkoff a piledriver on the concrete floor, knocking him out.

Iron Sheik d. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine by DQ when Brutus Beefcake when he appeared at ringside and started a brawl with The Iron Sheik.

At this point in the evening, a man jumped the security rail and grabbed the ring announcer’s mic…

MAN: Golden State Wrestling, listen to me, you will go nowhere without…

At this point the mic was shut off and security tackeled the man and dragged him off.

Iron Sheik d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a DQ when Snuka slammed the Shiek’s head into the ringpost at ringside. NOTE: Snuka was accompioned to the ring by a mysterious man with rubber bands in his face! No word on who this manager is but he seemed a bit dissapointed in Snuka’s loss.

Iron Sheik d. Virgil by pinfall after a vertical suplex.

Iron Sheik d. King Kong Bundy withwith an amazing Sidewinder suplex that shocked the entire crowd! This ment that The Iron Sheik would get a title shot!

Iron Sheik d. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase via pinfall after a vicious vertical suplex that knocked the champ out and let The Iron Sheik become the new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Even with Virgil at ringside, The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase couldn’t overcome the passion of the Iron Sheik.

played June 30, 2006