GSW 140 – Prime Time Wrestling

Card 140 – Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. March 17, 1980

In his return to GSW, Rick Rude defeated George South with a suplex – ★ – Bobby Heenan was over the moon with the return of the former champion to his stable.

Hillbilly Jim rolled up The Spoiler after he missed a turnbuckle charge to pick up a victory – ★★½ – The best match we’ve seen Hillbilly Jim wrestle. He had The Spoiler in fits!

The Dream Team made short work of The Moondogs when Greg Valentine made Moondog Rex tap out to the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK – ★ – After the match, Lucious Johnny V demanded a match for the titles against the Bulldogs.

In the Main Event, Randy Savage picked up a DQ win over Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase when Virgil stormed the ring to break up a pinfall – ★ – After the bell, DiBiase and Virgil continued beating on Randy Savage until Lanny Poffo ran to the ring to make the save!