XWF 4 – Destruction

Card 4 from Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA!

The XWF moved into a little bit larger theater to accommodate it’s ever growing crowd, but the show left a very bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Initial reports are that the ]] was uncontrollably upset backstage after the event which clocked in at only 20 minutes long!

Killer Kowalski d. The Missing Link by pinfall with an Overhead Bodyslam in ONE MOVE! – DUD

Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Sheik d. The Terrible Turk by pinfall after whipping the Turk so hard into a wall backstage he was knocked out cold. This happened only 3 minutes into the match! – DUD

Xtreme Wrestling Championship
Steel Cage Match
Bruiser Brody d. Ox Baker by escaping the cage after the jumping knee drop to regain his XWF HEAVYWEIGHT BELT. This match only went about 10 minutes long much to the chagrin of those in attendance. – ★★