Live from Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington!

(FINAL DECISION logo flashes on the screen as the WCCW THEME plays.)

ANNOUNCER: Tonight the WCCW makes it’s FINAL DECISION!

(We see a graphic of the four tag teams competing for the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP belts – THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, THE ARMSTRONGS, THE VALIANT BROTHERS and THE MONGOLS.)

ANNOUNCER: Four teams compete to claim the vacant WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! By the end of the evening, the FINAL DECISION will be made!

(We see a graphic of the 10 men competing in the SOLE SURVIVOR MATCH.)

ANNOUNCER: Tonight, ten men step into the ring to battle each other. Each hoping to be the SOLE SURVIVOR and go onto New York to wrestle for the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Tonight, the FINAL DECISION on who’s going will be made!

(We see a graphic of KING HARLEY RACE and THE DESTROYER.)

ANNOUNCER: Tonight, the most dominant champion in WCCW history faces a brand new threat he knows little about and the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP is on the line! Who will get THE FINAL DECISION?! It all goes down tonight from the Seattle Center Arena in downtown Seattle, Washington as the LWA territory, The WCCW proudly presents FINAL DECISION!

(We cut to the arena where the capacity crowd is going nuts! We cut to the ring and the bell rings to start our first match…)

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS vs. THE ARMSTRONGS when Stan Lane defeated “Bullet” Bob Armstrong with a ROCKET LAUNCHER that lead to a pinfall. – *1/2 – Good back and forth match, but the EXPRESS was determined to pull out a win and they did.

THE VALIANT BROTHERS d. THE MONGOLS when Johnny Valiant defeated Geeto Mongol with a TOP ROPE KNEE DROP that put Johnny Valiant away for a pinfall victory. – **** – Both of these teams wanted the win badly, but in the end it was THE MONGOLS who would advance to face the MIDNIGHT EXPRES for the belts.

(COMMISSIONER PATRICK came to ringside to explain how the SOLE SURVIVOR match would work.)

COMMISSIONER PATRICK: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the SOLE SURVIVOR match!


COMMISSIONER PATRICK: Now, as you know, the WCCW CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE has already decided that KING HARLEY RACE will be going to New York to compete in the tournament. The WCCW gets to send two reps though and to determine who that second man is, we’re holding the first ever SOLE SURVIVOR match. The match will start with ten men in this ring in an over the top battle royal. The final two men left standing in the battle royal will then face each other one on one tonight with the winner moving onto New York and the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT Tournament!


COMMISSIONER PATRICK: Well, you all know how it’s gonna work, let’s get it started! The WCCW proudly presents and innovation in the LWA, the SOLE SURVIVOR MATCH!

“Cowboy” Bob Orton vs. Iron Sheik vs. S. D. Jones vs. Belgian Brawler vs. Dennis Condrey vs. Missing Link vs. Larry “The Axe” Hennig vs. Tom Prichard vs. Cousin Luke vs. Brutus Beefcake

1. Missing Link defeated Brutus Beefcake with a smash with the steel chair he’d brought into the ring with him – pinfall
2. Missing Link defeated S. D. Jones with a massive headbutt that sent him flying over the top rope
3. S. D. Jones defeated Larry “The Axe” Hennig with a toss over the top rope from behind – pinfall
4. S. D. Jones defeated Iron Sheik with a KO Punch that sent the Sheik over the top rope – pinfall –
5. S. D. Jones defeated “Cowboy” Bob Orton with a quick toss over the top rope in a huge upset – pinfall
6. Tom Prichard defeated Dennis Condrey with a toss over the top rope from behind – pinfall
7. Tom Prichard defeated Belgian Brawler with a slingshot suplex that sent the brawler sailing over the top rope – pinfall
8. Missing Link defeated Cousin Luke with a chuck over the top rope after a tilt a whirl backbreaker – pinfall
This match ended in a draw (draw as these two men will now face each other in the SOLE SURVIVOR FINALS)
***** – The SOLE SURVIVOR finals were set now as it’ll be the MISSING LINK facing TOM PRICHARD one on one to decide who will accompany KING HARLEY RACE to the LWA Tournament in New York!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE MONGOLS when Stan Lane defeated Geeto Mongol with a side leg sweep that took Geeto out and gave the EXPRESS the pinfall victory – **1/2 – They said they were going to do it and they did! The MIDNIGHT EXPRESS has reclaimed the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! As the two men and their manager celebrated in the ring, JIM CORNETTE grabbed the microphone.

CORNETTE: Tonight’s win should put the rest of the WCCW, hell the rest of the LWA that the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is the team to beat! Our victory here tonight should not have been a surprise to anyone! But listen up WCCW, there WILL be a surprise later tonight, but for now, you need to shower respect on Sweet Stan Lane and Beautiful Bobby Eaton….THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! Your new WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Oh and ROAD WARRIORS, we want a rematch! You name the time, you name the place, we’ll be there! We’re not going to let you continue to think you got the best of us!

(The three men continued to celebrate all the way back to the dressing room as the crowd wondered what CORNETTE’S surprise could be.)

(TOM PRICHARD made his way to the ring and grabbed the mic.)

PRICHARD: Wooo! What a night! What a night! You know, who would have thought that at the start of tonight’s show I would be standing here, just seconds away from advancing to New York to wrestle for the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT belt! All I needed was a little determination and smarts, which I showed in that battle royal earlier. However, I do know that it’s not just determination and smarts that will take me to New York and the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. I’ll need a little guidance! That’s why I’m pleased to announce my new manager, the manager of champions, JIM CORNETTE!

(The CROWD booed loudly as a laughing JIM CORNETTE ran to ringside. He climbed into the ring and took the mic from PRICHARD.)

CORNETTE: Well, well, well, SURPRISE! You see as the manager of the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, I figured it was time to expand my horizons. Find a promising young singles star who’s career I could mold into championship material! After watching TOM PRICHARD tonight in the battle royal, I’ve found my guy! Tom Prichard, welcome to CAMP CORNETTE!

(The two shook hands and hugged, laughing.)

CORNETTE: Albano, bring your reject out here so we can get this over with! We’ve got a plane to New York to catch!

(CORNETTE threw down the mic as the MISSING LINK’S music started and Albano sbegan leading his man to ringside.)

Missing Link defeated Tom Prichard with a BACK FLYING HEAD BUTT that knocked PRICHARD out cold and gave LINK the pinfall win. – **1/2 – CORNETTE was a bit upset his newly acquired talent lost but he had no time to berate PRICHARD as the MISSING LINK began chasing the two men with a chair after the match! The big news of the night though is that the MISSING LINK would now be going to New York to wrestle for the LWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The Destroyer defeated King Harley Race with a pinfall after a beat down while the ref was knocked out. – *** – Match Notes: At the end of the match, the ref got squashed in the corner turnbuckle and was knocked out. RACE covered DESTROYER for way longer than a three count would have taken, but the ref was prone. Suddenly the IRON SHEIK ran to ringside and attacked RACE from behind. SHEIK and DESTROYER then delivered a shocking DOUBLE NECKBREAKER on RACE and as DESTROYER covered RACE, the IRON SHIEK revived the ref who ran over and counted out the one – two – three! THE DESTROYER was now the new WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, bringing and end to the KING’S reign. After the match, RACE was out cold and DESTROYER and SHIEK made to attack him again when the rest of the KING’S COURT (Larry Hennig & THE ARMSTRONGS) came to ringside to chase them off!

The sight of the KING’S COURT helping the KING back to the locker room was the image we were left with as we…



  1. Ken on March 7, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    My original LOW fed’s first champion was also the Million Dollar Man. He held the title forever it seemed before Bobo Brazil finally defeated him.

    • admin on March 11, 2011 at 9:31 pm

      Unfortunately he was not that memorable as champ. But he was decent. The most fun champ so far has been The Missing Link. 🙂

  2. Ken on March 12, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    I can see Missing Link being really fun as champion. I love characters like him and George Steele.