Live from J.M. Perry Institute, Yakima, Washington!

King Harley Race d. Iron Sheik via DQ when IRON SHEIK slams HARLEY RACE into the guardrails at ringside – ** – This was a great back and forth battle until the action spilled out to ringside and the ref lost all control! The match ended with IRON SHEIK slamming KING HARLEY RACE into the guardrails and then repeatedly grinding his face into them. LARRY ‘THE AXE’ HENNIG made the save and soon RACE was on his feet and the two of them began giving the IRON SHEIK a taste of his own medicine. HENNIG held the SHEIK for repeated blows from a steel chair! By the time the security personnel separated the wrestlers, SHEIK needed to be carried from the ring on a stretcher. Initial reports are he’ll be out for 4 cards. Undoubtedly, this is not the last meeting between these two.

THE ARMSTRONGS d. THE MONGOLS via pinfall when “Bullet” Bob Armstrong surprised Bepo Mongol with a small package – SQUASH – This was a very brief match that saw THE MONGOLS dominating until BEPO threw ‘BULLET’ BOB ARMSTRONG into the ropes and ARMSTRONG bounced back, sliding through BEPO’S legs and wrapping the big man up in a small package to get the surprise win!

Larry “The Axe” Hennig d. Dennis Condrey via DQ when CONDREY slammed HENNIG into the guardrails – *1/2 – Again the ref seemed to have lost control a bit during this match as the action became unwieldily once it spilled outside the ring. CONDREY looked impressive in this match and was handling HENNIG’S assault but then seemed to get frustrated once the action went to the floor and resorted to slamming him into the guardrails.

Tom Prichard d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after COUSIN LUKE missed a turnbuckle charge and slammed headfirst into the ring post – ***1/2 – The amazing thing about this match was that it was the one match where the combatants would have been allowed to take the action outside the ring and they didn’t! These two men battled back and forth in the center of the ring scoring near falls on each other and it wasn’t until PRICHARD used his lightning like reflexes to dodge out of the way of LUKE’S turnbuckle charge that one had the upper hand. A solid match from two mid-card guys.

1. Brutus Beefcake d. “Badd Ass” Billy Gunn via pinfall with a FLYING KNEE SMASH
2. “Road Dogg” Jesse James d. Brutus Beefcake via pinfall after BILLY GUNN interfered after the ref was knocked out for a few seconds.
3. “Road Dogg” Jesse James d. Virgil via pinfall with a PUMP HANDLE SLAM.
***** – Well if there was ever any doubts that the NEW AGE OUTLAWS have rededicated themselves to winning, they were gone after this match! the OUTLAWS worked like a well oiled machine tonight and dominated from the start of the match. There was a time when the BACK ALLEY PUNK’S experience took over and BEEFCAKE was able to score a pinfall, but this just seemed to light a fire under ROAD DOGG who was able to put away the weakened BEEFCAKE and VIRGIL for the win.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. S. D. Jones with a vicious spear that knocked S. D. JONES out and allowed ORTON to escape the cage – ***1/2 – By all accounts this should have been a cakewalk for ORTON but it just wasn’t. JONES put up a heck of a fight and even came close to winning a time or two. It will be interesting to see if this match puts the final nail into this feud or if JONES will want another match. ORTON could certainly be a top contender to the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP if he wasn’t dealing with JONES. The two have had three surprisingly good matches, all three of which could have gone either way at any time.

1. Mr. Perfect defeated Belgian Brawler via submission with a SLEEPER HOLD.
2. Mr. Perfect defeated Belgian Brawler via pinfall with a PERFECT PLEX.
**** – Asking any wrestling critic and they would have told you that there was really no way PERFECT would have lost this match, but for the first few minutes everyone was wondering if PERFECT’S time out for injury had diminished his skills and perhaps this was too high a caliber match for his comeback, but those doubts were squashed once PERFECT took control. PERFECT took the first fall by putting the BRAWLER out with a sleeper hold and then woke him up for the second fall and put him out with the PERFECT PLEX moments later! There’s no doubt MR. PERFECT is back and ready to compete in the WCCW!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE VALIANT BROTHERS via DQ when Johnny Valiant refused to stop brawling outside the ring – * – The crowd was fired up to see THE VALIANT BROTHERS finally get their hands on the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS with the belts on the line, but it seems that they were almost too fired up as the match barely got underway when it broke out into a massive brawl! Even CORNETTE and ALBANO got in on the brawl and the ref had no decision but to call the match. Since THE VALIANTS had started the fight the EXPRESS got the decision.

Missing Link d. The Destroyer via pinfall with a FALLING HEAD BUTT – ***1/2 – It’s quite possible that the unpredictable MISSING LINK was just TOO unpredictable for THE DESTROYER. The champ never seemed to get his footing at all in this match and tried every tactic he could think of to try and put the MISSING LINK away, but the LINK would have none of it and kept regaining the advantage. In the end it was a FALLING HEAD BUTT (helped along with a few errant chair shots behind the ref’s back) that lead the MISSING LINK to a pinfall victory and the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!